Quite often than not, our services move from a time of singing a song or two, to a time of ministry. God has an agenda in every service and the Holy Spirit releases ministries to the body for a variety of reasons, to fulfill that agenda. God’s destiny and will is for us to be whole and complete. The Holy Spirit will release gifts unto the body for this very purpose, so that we may be set free! There are a variety of gifts and ministries that can be revealed to the body at any given time. Many of these are described in the Bible and are designed by God to be used today. We want everything that God has for us and everything that the Bible says we can have. As you see these take place, see people being used, and/or people being touched, be assured, this is common in a New Testament church. We do all things according to the Word of God and govern the service in an order, structure that brings freedom of the Holy Spirit and the power of God within the service. Any questions you have on any specific thing that goes on, just let us know and we will help you out!