This Ministry is fueled by igniting a generation with a passion, heart and surrender unto God! We direct and teach youth on what God’s plans are for their lives are and how he desires to use them in life and in the world around them. We teach the truth and realism in every way. Established on the Word of God as our firm foundation, we combat the social, cultural and mental lifestyles that plague our teens every day. In the end, we create a hunger and love for the things of God, empowering them to overcome life and release them into their God given destinies! Releasing them to men and women of integrity, honor and being proactive in their individual lives!


New Flame Youth meet every Sunday morning after Praise & Worship. Over the year we have a variety of special events locally and/or ones we travel to for the kids to participate in. All events will be posted on the calendar and announced accordingly.


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